Why Is It Smart To Hire A Professional Real Estate Agent

when selling your property in Alanya?

By Cindy Olcan

We hear it often. People who want to sell their home in Alanya but think hiring a real estate agent is a waste of money. But is it really?

Of course, you can sell your apartment or villa yourself. Just hang up a sign and hope someone sees it. Then comes the negotiation, more than likely done in a different language. Can you trust your ‘friendly neighbour’ who’s willing to translate with the negotiating terms? Can you trust them with your money? Have you got the time to show people around? Including those who ‘just want to ‘look’?

The list goes on.

Conclusion: when selling in a different country than your own, with different laws, to different nationalities there are numerous pitfalls to avoid. And not fall into any of them, you have to be aware of them to prevent them! Surely, using an estate agent who knows what the rules are, understands what is required and is there to make your life easier, is the better option?

If you’re not yet convinced after reading this introduction, take a look at these 7 reasons why it’s smart to hire a professional real estate company when selling your property in Alanya.

  • They are onsite.

    This is especially important if you are not residing in Turkey. How can you show potential buyers around if you are not there? Leave the key with an unregulated ‘friend’? Realtors know the area. They are visible to prospective purchasers. And they are officially recognized businesses operating under codes of conduct with rules and regulations.

  • They have knowledge

    An essential ingredient. Turkey is continuously updating and adapting the rules governing selling and purchasing property. The goal posts are continually being moved, and if you don’t know where to garner information regarding this, you will find your sale gets more and more complicated. Social media is all well and good for casual information, but do you seriously want the advice of someone you don’t know telling you what to do? Not forgetting all the alternative opinions that come along with any request for information on current affairs regarding property sales.

  • Realistic selling prices

    Every seller wants to receive as much money for his or her property as possible. We know this and are on your side with this. However, it does not do anyone any good to over price your property. It will just sit there while buyers go find something of better value. Your realtor knows the local market and can recommend you of a realistic selling price. One that sells and you can be satisfied with.

  • Reach & contacts

    They can place your property in Alanya in front of people looking to find what you are selling. A good realtor using a variety of media outlets and networking to promote your property. Nationally and internationally.

  • Saving you time

    Your real estate agent takes care of the whole process concerning sales. From taking attractive pictures and putting the house on the market to making appointments and show the potential buyers around. From answering emails and phone calls to responding to countless queries that come by text or even in person. Realtors act as a third-party buffer that stops you having to deal with all the questions from potential customers yourself. Not to mention the ones that don’t have any real intention of buying but are ‘just curious’. Your realtor takes care of negotiations, makes contracts and takes the stress out of all the legalities and regulations.

  • Effective & safe money transactions

    Nobody knows the financial aspects of a property sale in Alanya as well as your local realtor. They are aware of the mechanics of transferring your money to your home country. But are also involved in the smaller but equally important elements, such as managing deposits or down payments. They ensure the money is actually available for the sale, either in cash or via the banks.

  • Your estate agent is there for YOU!

    Anywhere in the world, selling your property is a major enterprise. Not one to be undertaken lightly. Being in the know on how the property market is functioning at any given time is the job of a professional real estate agent. Take advantage of this experience and know-how to get the best possible deal for yourself.

So, if you’re planning to sell your property in Alanya, seriously consider the many benefits that come with using a professional realtor. You will be glad you did!