Frequently Asked Questions

…and Their Answers

In accordance with the laws of Turkey, Tapu (certificate of ownership of real estate) is the only official document confirming the ownership and sole ownership of the property. The Cadastral Office (Tapu ofis), as a state body, implements all procedures related to the execution of documents on property.

In Turkey, a realtor is a licensed profession. There are many professional real estate agencies in the area with the right documents. Many of them work with both sellers and buyers. When purchasing property in another country than your own, it’s important to know what is happening. Find a real estate agency whose employees speak a language you’re comfortable with. In addition, look for recommendations and most importantly – trust your feelings.

Alanya Property Network works with reliable partners and offers only real estate objects for sale that have legal documents and are free from any debts. When we find you the apartments that you like, it’s our job to double check that everything is in order before we continue the next step.

First of all, understand that you are buying in a foreign country with a different language and probably another system. Seriously consider hiring a professional realtor to help you. It will save you a lot of money and energy. Second, make sure your budget is clear and accessible. If you have found your dream home, you should not ask yourself how you can afford it.

Yes, foreigners can get a loan to buy a house if certain criteria are met. However, this mortgage will never be the full value of the property. You can contact the bank of your choice for more information or ask for advice from your realtor.

It is recommended that a notary draws up a Turkish will. Your real estate agent, professional house management company or local lawyer can give you all the information you need on this issue.

At the moment, there is no limit to the number of people who can be entered in the Tapu.

As a property owner in Turkey, you are required to have DASK earthquake insurance. Other insurances, such as building insurance and content insurance, are recommended but not required.

If for any reason you are unable to be present in person to register the ownership of the property at the Tapu you can issue a power of attorney with a notary. In this power of attorney you can assign a person you trust to represent you and sign the paperwork in your name. Registration of the power of attorney takes approximately 2 hours. The power of attorney must be certified by a notary in Turkey. Your agent at Property Network can assist you with this and give you actual information about the costs.

This is a document that lists all the technical information of your property and the building in which it is located (the number of floors, independent units such as: apartments, shops, sauna, hammam; size of living space, etc.). Only in the presence of Iskan you can get a subscription for water, electricity, telephone and so on. Iskan is obtained once and only when acquiring a new building. By purchasing a resale apartment or house, you won’t have expenses for Iskan. Staff of Property Network can assist you with these matters.

The annual property tax is 0.2-0.4% of the declared value of the object.

The approximate cost for water is 1.3-1.8 euro per cubic meter, electricity – 0.11-0.18 euro per kilowatt per hour.

Aidat – maintenance fee. Typically, a monthly payment ranges from 10 to 300 euros, depending on the set of services provided to you.

You can transfer the amount to the bank account of the real estate agency or the seller’s account. You can also pay in cash or withdraw the required amount from a bank card. But do not forget that there may be a daily withdrawal limit for your bank.

No, it is not necessary to obtain a residence permit. Just keep in mind that the number of months you can stay (continuously) in Turkey might be limited. Recall that for different countries the period of stay in the country is different.

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