Selling Procedure

Are you thinking about selling your property in Alanya?

When selling in a different country than your own, with different laws, to different nationalities there are numerous of things to think of. At Property Network Alanya it’s our job to stay up-to-date with all the current rules and regulations. Plus we know the market and what it takes to sell a property.

Let us help you sell your property professionally, smoothly and for the best possible price. We have various possibilities to offer houses on the market and will discuss the options with you. We offer our complete assistance and knowledge to find the right buyer.

Below you can read a step by step overview of how our selling procedure works. 

Whatever your reason is to sell, the first step is to prepare. Probably this has been a house where you’ve spend many memorable (holi)days. Be ready to let it go.

Also more practical details need attention. For example: Will you sell it furnished? Do you need to sell fast? Does the property need any repairs or renovations before it can be put on the market?

In a foreign country, with maybe different rules and regulations than in your own, it will save you time, energy and even money when you hire a professional realtor. If you’re not convinced, read this article about 7 Reasons Why You Should hire a Professional Real Estate Agency when Selling Your Home In Turkey.

Alanya Property Network is happy to represent you as your Selling Agent. We’ll schedule an appointment for an orienting meeting. We’ll give you and understanding of the current market, the way we work and how we will put your property on the market.

If you agree to continue with us as your selling agent, we’ll draw up a exclusive listing sales agreement and get to work!

Of course without any costs to you.

We have various ways and methods to put your property on the market. First we’ll visit the home to take professional pictures and collect all the necessary information. With this we create a professional description to put the home on the website. We use several social media platforms and other channels for (paid) advertising. If we believe it’s useful, we hang up ‘for sale’ signs.

Another important part of our marketing strategy is that we send your property out to over a hundred connected real estate agents in Turkey as well as abroad. This is a very efficient system because your property is brought to the attention of hundreds of potential buyers through the eyes of many agents. These agents are constantly scanning the market trying to match their potential buyers with currently available properties.

As your exclusive selling agent, Alanya Property Network will arrange all the viewings to your property. This will not only save you the headache of dealing with all the potantial customers and their questions. More important even: when you’re not in Alanya, you’ll always know who enters your home!

Whenever a serious buyer appears who makes an offer, we contact you. We give our advice and in close communication with you decide if we continue with this customer or not.

There’s a big chance the buyers have a different nationality than your own. Alanya Property Network has multilingual staff to help you make the best possible deal.

When an offer made that you’re willing to accept, a written contract will be drafted. For the seller this will primarily deal with the arrangements for the payment and for the down payment.

Maybe you have to travel to Alanya to sign over your property. So depending on your agenda, we’ll prepare a date for the transfer of the Title Deed (Tapu).

In Turkey, both buyer and seller – or their representatives by power of attorney – have to be present at the Land Registry Office (Tapu Office) in Alanya. A Tapu transfer from one owner to the other can be arranged in a few days.

As your buying agent, you can be sure that long before we enter into the Tapu procedure, you’ll receive all the necessary information. We also prepare in advance – and in close communication with the buying party- how the payment will be arranged. You can rest assure that we’ll be on your side all the time to make the whole selling process as smooth as possible.

Why it’s Wise to Use A Real Estate Agent?

When Selling Your Property in Alanya

Sometimes people want to sell their home in Alanya but think hiring a real estate agent is a waste of money. But is it really?

Take a look at these 7 reasons why it’s smart to hire a professional real estate company when selling your property in Alanya.

Selling procedure