Things to Consider

It’s time for action! You’ve decided to make your dream come true. You want to buy real estate in Alanya and become the owner of a home on the shores of the gentle Mediterranean Sea.

But what should you do next?

Preparation is everything. First of all it’s important to get a clear vision of the property you would like to buy. Taking into consideration your budget, your family composition and your lifestyle.

You can start with answering for example the following questions:

Which type of property suits me best?

That can be a cosy, small apartment, a spacious penthouse, a villa with private pool or even a piece of land on which you can build your own dream home.

For which purpose do I want to buy the property?

Do you want to use it only for holidays? Are you planning to live there permanently (at one point in time)? Is is purely an investment of do you want to generate an income by renting the place?

Then: the location

There are many options with different price tags. A house by the sea is more expensive than further away from it. Would you like to purchase a property amidst of lively streets or do you prefer tranquillity and nature? Would you like a playground nearby, restaurants or a gym? Or rather orange trees and fresh air?

How do you see your dream home considering facilities?

Do you see yourself in a residential complex with a lot of features, like an indoor- and outdoor pool, a gym, a sauna, Turkish Bath? Or is it enough to have just a small pool on the territory?

Ask yourself also if you need a brand new building, maybe even one that is still under construction. Or can it also be re-sale? Do you want the home to be fully furnished? Do you prefer higher floors or as low as possible?

There you go! A lot to think about! Perhaps you yourself will add some other criteria by which we will help you find what is right for you. In any case, Property Network managers will be with you during all the stages of the selection and registration of the real estate.

Do you want to receive the best options according to your criteria?

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Your answers will give us a more detailed understanding of what you’re looking for. We’ll start searching in our extensive database to send you properties that we think are suitable.

Not only will this save you time, you will also know what’s available on the market.