With You All The Way

Are you considering to buy a second home in Turkey? Maybe you want it for a holiday home or more extended stays. Maybe you are thinking of relocating to enjoy the sunnier climate and laid back pace of life. Or you might be looking for a solid investment opportunity? Whatever the reason, make sure your purchase in the Alanya region goes without any problems.

Because we know!

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the excitement of buying a home in Alanya: the sunny weather, the friendly people, the wide selection of beautiful properties…..

In your enthusiasm you may not recognise areas that require a little more of your attention. For example: is the property free of loans? Is the seller the rightful owner? Is the property overpriced? How do I receive my Title Deed? How do I pay the money?

As your real estate agent we know about all these things. And more.

When you’re thinking of buying just contact us and we’ll be with you all the way.

  • In the orienting phase – even when you didn’t decide whether or not you will buy – we’ll answer all your possible questions and send you regular newsletter with property options and stories about Alanya and Turkey.
  • Then, if you decide you want to see some properties for yourself, we’ll arrange a property viewing.
  • If you find the property that matches your wishes and budget, we’re assisting you with all the negotiations, paperwork and procedures to become the official owner.
  • And our services don’t stop there. After you’ve become the official owner, we’ll help you with all that comes next: transferring the electric- and water subscriptions to your name, buying furniture etc. etc. 

Download also our FREE BUYING GUIDE with even more information about Buying Property in Alanya.

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